Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Volunteers Questions

How do I receive proof of my volunteer hours with Let' Rebuild Tuskegee?

1) Email the following information below to

2) Include: full name ( i.e. Tracy Brown) and number of service days completed (i.e. 4 service days )

3) Our team will email you a personalized "Community Service Letter" with your total number of  completed  volunteer hours.

How can a representative from Let' Rebuild Tuskegee sign my recommendation form for a third-party organization?

1) Attend the next service day (Find next service day on our calendar or Instagram)

2) Bring your recommendation form with you.

3. Approach a Let's Rebuild Tuskegee representative after the service day and kindly ask them to sign your recommendation form.

I am applying for an internship. How do I receive a personalized letter of recommendation from Let's Rebuild Tuskegee?

1) Complete the "Volunteer Recommendation Questionnaire" form, here.

2) Our team will email you a personalized  "Letter of Recommendation" with the information provided  on the recommendation questionnaire.


Partnership Questions

How do I sponsor a Rebuild Tuskegee Sunday?

It is great to hear that you would like to sponsor a Rebuild Tuskegee Service day! You can become a sponsor by clicking the link here.

I have a property I would like to donate to Let's Rebuild Tuskegee?

Please email us at

I have a service project I would like Let's Rebuild Tuskegee to work on?

Service projects are volunteer only. These projects include public facilities, college campus and university facilities. Please email us at if you have a potential project you would like us to work on.

If you have an investment property you need contracting service for. Please refer to our parent company website Rebuild Tuskegee LLC. 

Visit here.

Investing  Questions

I would like to invest, how do I find a investment property?

Please refer to our parent company website Rebuild Tuskegee LLC for all investing and business related needs or services.

Visit here.